Warner Bros.’ Flash Movie Title Revealed To Be FLASHPOINT!

Warner Bros. officially announced at their Hall H panel that the Flash film has been officially titled Flashpoint! This comes as a huge shock, given the film was removed from their release schedule citing multiple issues with the production. Originally set to follow Justice League by releasing in March 2018, the film suffered a major setback by losing multiple directors – both Seth Grahame-Smith and Rick Famuyiwa dropped the project in 2016, citing creative differences.

DC Comics’ Flashpoint event featured Barry Allen going back in time and saving his mother from being killed by a time traveling Reverse Flash. This resulted in a radical alteration in the timeline creating a world where Barry isn’t The Flash, Cyborg is the world’s greatest hero, Bruce Wayne is dead, his father is Batman and his mother is the Joker, Superman has spent his life as a lab rat of the US government and Themyscira is at war with Atlantis in a conflict that threatens to destroy the world. Barry, with help of Thomas Wayne, managed to regain his powers and fix the timeline, resulting in the New 52. However, this would later be revealed to actually be the result of Dr. Manhattan’s machinations with the multiverse.

This announcement has led many to speculate that the studio is planning on using the storyline to reset their movie timeline in order to correct certain mistakes inherent early on. It does seem a bit odd that they would choose to tackle this particular arc for the first solo film, but it must serve Warner’s overall vision for the franchise.

Stay tuned for more information on this project as it becomes available.


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