CAPTAIN MARVEL Film Set In The 1990s, Will Feature A Young Nick Fury & The Skrulls 

Marvel’s Hall H panel yesterday revealed official concept art and some story details from Captain Marvel, currently in pre-production under directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (Mississippi Grind, It’s Kind of a Funny Story) from a script by Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Meg LeFauve (Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur). Brie Larson (Kong: Skull Island, Free Fire) was confirmed for the role of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel at last year’s Comic Con, but no additional cast members have been announced as of yet.

You can view the concept art below:

These images revealed that the main villains will be the Skrulls, a race of extraterrestrial shapeshifters who have been enemies of the Avengers and Fantastic Four as well as intergalactic adversaries of the Kree and Shi’ar empires. They are all known for their Invasion of the Body Snatchers-esque plot of capturing and replacing certain superheroes and key figures to invade Earth in the Secret Invasion story arc, which led to the dissolution of S.H.I.E.L.D. and its acting director, Tony Stark, being replaced by Norman Osborn.

The concept art also came with info that revealed the film will be set in the 1990s, setting it inbetween the events of Ant-Man‘s prologue and 2008’s Iron Man. This begs the question of how Carol Danvers will appear in later films set decades after, and how her existence has remained hidden all this time. The concept art seems to depict her battling Skrulls on an alien world, which could possibly result in her becoming stranded off-world to return in Avengers 4. The introduction of the Skrulls is a surprising move, especially considering that Fox has held the rights for them for years under the Fantastic Four. Guardians of the Galaxy franchise director took to Twitter to explain that, like Quicksilver and the Watchers, Marvel and Fox actually share the rights but are unable to use certain aspects of them; the Super Skrull is an example of a character that falls under Fox ownership that Marvel can’t touch.

The film will also feature Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, earlier in his S.B.I.E.L.D. career and still having the use of his left eye. In the present, all Fury has revealed about the loss of his eye is that it came as a result of him trusting someone. It’s unknown if this film will reveal who or what that is, but it’s always possible. Also, it’s extremely likely Jackson will be digitally de-aged for the film, continuing the precedent set by previous use of the technology on Michael Douglas in Ant-Man and Robert Downey Jr. in Captain America: Civil War.

Captain Marvel is set to hit theaters March 8, 2019.


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