SyFy Is Filming A DEEP BLUE SEA Sequel

Deep Blue Sea was a modest man-fucks-with-nature-so-nature-bites-back film that’s become a cult classic in the eighteen years since it premiered. It never got a follow-up, although an attempt was made in 2008 to produce a DTV sequel without the involvement of original director Renny Harlin (MindhuntersA Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Master). Now, the B-movie gods have seen fit to change that as there’s apparently one shooting right now from none other than SyFy Channel.

Here’s the synopsis listed on IMDb:

A doctor named Klaus Van Etten is experimenting on bull sharks, which soon escape to cause havoc for a group of marine biologists.

The currently untitled film, likely to end up going by Deep Blue Sea 2, is being helmed by Darin Scott (Dark House, Caught Up) and stars Michael Beach (Aquaman, The 100), Danielle Savre (Too Close to HomeJarhead 2: Field of Fire), Rob Mayes (Frequency, John Dies at the End) and Kim Syster (Death Race: Inferno), also likely portraying our marine biologists. No word yet on who will be playing the mad scientist, but expect it to be a cult horror actor like Malcolm McDowell or Lance Henriksen.

Deep Blue Sea 2 currently doesn’t have a release date but check back here for more information as it becomes available.


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