SENSE8 Is Returning For a 2-Hour Series Finale

Fans of Netflix’s Sense8 were surprised and outraged when the streaming service announced they were canceling the series in the wake of its Season 2 premier earlier this month. Several hashtag campaigns like #SaveSense8, #RenewSense8 and #BringBackSense8 were immediately trending on social media thanks to the diehard fans. Well, those prayers have been answered. The official Sense8 Twitter page revealed that the show is coming back for a 2-hour season finale, wrapping up the loose ends left by the final episode of Season 2.

You can view the tweet below:

Netflix has been steadily rolling out original programming since 2013, most of which has been praised by critics and viewers alike. Sense8 was notable for its globe spanning narrative and its incredibly diverse cast as well as its presentation of LGBTQ characters and themes. The reason it was canceled in the first place were said to have been because its ratings numbers were not high enough to justify the amount of money spent on making it, which doesn’t reflect its surging popularity. However, it is just one in a recent, troubling trend of a growing number of shows featuring diverse casts being inexplicably canceled; such as Netflix’s The Get Down, Fox’s Pitch, ABC’s American Crime, MTV’s Sweet/Vicious, Hulu’s East Los High and WGN’s Underground, among others. While a 120 minute finale isn’t a true revival, it’s at least closure and it could possibly lead to one later on.

The Sense8 2-hour series finale is scheduled to air sometime in 2018.

Source: NetflixScreen Rant


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