MIGHTY THOR #20 Reveals The Identity Of ‘War Thor’

SPOILERS FOR Mighty Thor #20 to follow

For months, fans have been speculating as to the identity of the War Thor character teased in the closing panels of The Unworthy Thor #5 back in March. For those not in the know, the classic Thor (now going by Odinson) became unworthy of his sacred hammer Mjolnir during the Original Sin story arc, after which it was claimed by his former lover Jane Foster, who began operating as the Mighty Thor. Odinson later learned that the Mjolnir of the previously destroyed Ultimate Universe had somehow made its way to the ruins of Asgard on Earth 616 in the wake of Secret War and battles Tanleer Tivan, the Collector, in order to possess it. Upon succeeding, the former thunder god opts not to take possession of the hammer, seeking his long-sought redemption elsewhere.

Since that time, the ancient fire demon Surtur managed to goad the realm of Vanaheim into reigniting the Æsir–Vanir War, pitting them against Asgard. Volstagg, one of the Warrior’s Three, became ruler of Asgard during this time and managed to defeat Surtur’s forces with the assistance of Loki. The political Landscape of the various realms was then reorganized into the Congress of Worlds, with Volstagg serving as Asgard’s senator and chief representative. Peace didn’t last long though, as the return of Odin’s malevolent older brother Cul and the dark elf Malekith the Accursed’s war with the light elves has brought a new war to the Ten Realms.

Mighty Thor #20 features Volstagg attempting to save a group of elf children from an attack by Surter’s fire demons, but they all end up incinerated during a surprise assault. Volstagg is spared thanks to being coated in fire goblin blood, but the incident leaves him in the depths of sorrow and rage that prevents him from eating or sleeping for days. He then begins to feel the call of Ultimate Mjolnir insisting that a new Thor is needed, a Thor of the times, who is the only hope of stopping the tide of the new war not with thunder….but with blood. He travels to the remains of ancient Asgard where he claims the discarded hammer, transforming the normally jovial Volstagg into the ‘War Thor’. You can view the spoiler images at the bottom of the article.

The current series is being written by Jason Aaron with art by Russell Dauterman. You can read the official description for the current issue below:

THE SAGA OF THE ALL-NEW ULTIMATE THOR STARTS HERE! The Ultimate Thor died defending the Multiverse, but his hammer remains. Who will hold the hammer now? War is coming to the Ten Realms. Can the new Ultimate Thor keep back the bloody tide?

Mighty Thor #20 is in stores now.


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