THE BATMAN being rewritten, Joe Manganiello unsure if Deathstroke will still be a part of the film

Warner Bros.’ The Batman has hit roadblock after roadblock since it was officially greenlit in 2015. First, there were the supposed issues with the original script Ben Affleck had co-written with Geoff John. Then, Affleck stepped down as director and Chris Terrio came onboard to rewrite the script, which was said to feature the assassin Deathstroke (played by Joe Manganiello). With Terrio’s rewrite reportedly being a hit with Affleck and the studio, it looked like things were getting back on track with the subsequent hiring of Matt Reeves as the new director. Then, last week, it was announced that he would be rewriting the entire script from scratch, which has cast doubt on the previously rumored Arkham Asylum-like plot. When previously discussing his role in the film, Manganiello was extremely vocal and excited about it, revealing he had already begun sword training and reading up on back issues of DC Comics featuring the character. But in light of the recent developments, it would seem that confidence has waned significantly.

On a recent interview with Pittsburgh Today Live, they brought up Deathstroke as one of his upcoming roles. Manganiello’s reply was, “Maybe…we’ll see.”

Most fans were looking very forward to seeing Manganiello suiting up opposite Affleck, but with the film itself in another holding pattern as Reeves rewrites the script, all we can do is hold our breaths and see where this is going.


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