Joe Carnahan drops out of BAD BOYS FOR LIFE

The Bad Boys franchise has never been one to quickly dole out entries in rapid succession. Eight years passed between the first and second film, and the third film has been talked about excessively since then. For a while, it looked like Michael Bay (who helmed the first two) would continue forward, but the Transformers films pretty much ensured that wouldn’t happen. The studio brought Joe Carnahan (The GreySmokin Aces) on to direct in his place, with him also penning the script. Thus far, no story details have managed to leak, but that may have all been for naught as Carnahan has officially dropped out of the project. 

The exact impetus behind this has reportedly been the patented “scheduling conflict” and “creative differences”, but nobody is saying for sure. Seeing as how he’s developing a remake of The Raid with Frank Grillo, writing and directing the Uncharted adaptation and apparently he’s directing X-Force from a script he’s co-writing with star Ryan Reynolds. Scheduling conflict seems the more appropriate, since most directors rarely stick to the plethora of film projects they’re attached to (just ask Guillermo del Toro). It’s a shame we won’t get to see Carnahan’s version of Bad Boys For Life be realized, but hopefully the studio will find someone with just as crazy and hyper a vision as his.


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