FX’s UNTITLED X-MEN SERIES adds six more to cast

FX has a second X-Men series in development to follow the current airing Legion. Bryan Singer (X-Men: Apocalypse, X-Men: Days of Future Past) is directing the pilot which will follow a couple who discover their children are mutants and they go on the run linking up with a mutant underground resistance to stay safe. The series has begun rapidly expanding their cast list, with new additions including:

Stephen Moyer (True Blood) as Reed Stewart, the father of the mutant children.

Amy Acker (Person of Interest, Angel) as Kate Stewart, Reed’s estranged wife.

Natalie Alyn Lind (GothamThe Goldbergs) as Lauren Stewart, Reed and Kate’s daughter.

Sean Teale (Incorporated) as Marcos Diaz/Eclipse, “a bit of a rebel who struggles when it comes to working with others” whose powers involve manipulating and absorbing photons.

Emma Dumont (Aquarius, Inherent Vice) as Lorna Dane/Polaris, a mutant who can sense and manipulate magnetism.

Percy Hynes White (Between, Murdoch Mysteries) as Andy

They all join previously announced cast members Blair Redford (Switched at Birth) and Jamie Chung (Big Hero 6, Sucker Punch) who were cast as mutant underground leader Sam and teleporter Clarice Fong/Blink, respectively. Of all these characters, Blink and Polaris appear to be the only ones based on comic book canon. Blink is a descendant of Apocalypse who was thought dead before it was revealed she had become trapped in another dimension. Polaris is the daughter of Magneto and a member of the X-Men, X-Factor and the Starjammers. She’s also served as one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse and a supervillain at various points.

It’s unknown if Polaris’ familial connection to Magneto will be explored in the show, but it could go either way. They do seem to be living up to the statement that this series, unlike Legion, will tie in much more closely to the X-Men films, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on your level of love or dislike for the franchise.


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